Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tips on Finding a Good Feng Shui Consultant

The following are adapted and compiled from similar articles I found online. Hope everyone find it useful in their search for the right consultant.

1. Is he able to tell you the Feng Shui method he uses?
Most practitioners use the Eight House (Bazhai) or Flying Stars (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) method. They should also be well versed in the physical Forms aspects of your house internally and externally.

2. Does he know the Yin-Yang, Five Elements concepts very well?
All Feng Shui theories and remedies are based on this theory. Knowledge of this is necessary and it is a very basic requirement.

3. Is he knowledgeable in Chinese history and culture?
Anyone that has spent a good deal of time studying Feng Shui will definitely be reasonably good at these.

4. Is he professionally certified, or at least able to name his teacher or school?
Certificates can help verify authenticity of their knowledge but many old masters do not issue certificates also. Thus, ask about the background of his teacher or school.

5 How long and to what level did he train with his master?

6. Is he affiliated with any professional Feng Shui associations?
It will be better if he is. One needs to fit certain criteria before being accepted as a member of such professional bodies.

7. Is he able to provide any client testimonials?
If not, go online and do a search on him. Some famous masters are known to provide bad service and the clients actually share their experiences on Internet forums.

8. Does he have a reasonable quality of life?
Otherwise, it is unlikely that he or she will be able to help you since his knowledge is not helping himself.

9. Are you comfortable talking to him?
He should be sincere in helping you and you should have confidence in his abilities. The reason being he is potentially the person you will turn to for future consultation for other aspects if you find he is good in what he does.

10. Does he use a traditional Luopan (Chinese compass)?
No traditionally trained practitioners do Feng Shui without it.

11. Does he ask for the following details?
1. The birth dates of the occupants.
2. The date the building was built and date of any major renovations.
3. A proportional floor plan.

12. Does he go on-site to actually see the building?
Externally Forms have to be assessed and measurements have to be taken on-site. These cannot be done using a floor plan. Advice can be given based on the floor plan but it is very limited and can be inaccurate.

13. Is he willing and able to explain the logic behind his advice and remedies?
There is no such thing as "it's a secret" or "you wouldn't understand". You are paying good money and you are entitled to know why a certain action/remedy/advice is given to you. Their answers should satisfy your queries, making you feel confident about their skills. By the way, don’t expect every problem to have a remedy, especially for apartments. Sometimes, the only way is to move out.

14. How long does he take to audit your house on-site?
A thorough Feng Shui audit should take at least 1-2 hours. Nothing can be achieved in less than an hour. I myself take 2 hours to do an on-site audit and a 1-2 weeks after that to do up the report. A famous practitioner did it in 45 minutes but she does return for a second review.

15. Does he provide a report after the consultation?
This is necessary as there will be too many things for you to note down on the actual audit day. A report will summarized everything and acts as a guide for you to follow. This should be included in the package and shouldn’t be at an additional cost.

16. Does he suggest strange or expensive remedies?
Feng Shui should be a subtle thing. And who says it has to be expensive? Most remedies are recommended based on the five elements theory, thus the price has no standing. If he insists, he is probably just trying to sell you his products. Many Feng Shui objects are purely decorative in nature and do not have any effect on the environmental energy.

17. Are the fees competitive?
There are many Feng Shui practitioners around; hence the fees should be competitive. Exorbitant fees may mean good service but not the effectiveness.

18. Any follow-up services provided?
Auspicious date selection is important especially if you have not move in or you are going to renovate the house. As for follow-up sessions, some practitioners do it but some do not. Those who do not should make it up by the provision of a report. Some practitioners also provide a month of free follow-up consultation on the implementation of the Feng Shui remedies. Check if these services are chargeable.

Alvin Chua

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