Friday, October 19, 2007

Fu Lu Shou Statues

A relative of mine recently told me that her friend has consulted a Feng Shui Master and was told to place the Fu Lu Shou statues (figures of the 3 traditional Chinese deities in charge of Fortune, Wealth and Longevity) in her bedroom to promote health. The master himself was in the pink of health for many years and he attributed it to the Fu Lu Shou statues in his bedroom. Hence, he now recommends it to his client.

I was asked if there is any basis on the advice and frankly replied that the statues are solely for decorative purposes. The statues need to be blessed if one is to worship the deity but seldom do people worship the Fu Lu Shou in the first place. And if it were indeed blessed, the bedroom would be the last place to have the statues.
The master is healthy maybe because he has not wasted his Jing (seminal essence) for a long time due to the lack of action with his wife. Imagine doing the do with the three old folks smiling at you. Anyway, it is not in line with classical fengshui but I do not deny the possibility of the psychological factor. Maybe it does work but will require more case studies to substantiate its efficacy.

Alvin Chua

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