Friday, November 30, 2007

Where Do I Take The Measurement Of The Facing?

Here are some of the methods used by different masters:

Method 1: Find the center spot of the house using the floor plan. Stand in the center of the house and face the same direction as the house faces. Take the measurement from here.

Method 2: Stand in the center of the house, draw an imaginary line from the center of the house to the center of the main door to take the reading.

Method 3: Stand at the center of the facing side and take the measurement from here.

For a landed property, this is done standing along the façade of the house outside.

For an apartment unit, stand near along the inner side of the wall of the facing side (there’s no way you can stand outside!). In Hong Kong, some masters even go to the extent of sticking the Luo Pan out of the window to reduce magnetic influences from metallic objects inside the unit!

Another variation is to take the measurement of the facing side on the ground level. Those who use this method believe that measurements taken indoors are never accurate due to the metal framework within the walls. They also claim through experience that all units above ground level will have the same Qi field as the ground floor.

There is also the difference of practitioners who only take only one reading at the center and those who take multiple reading along the same wall / side and take the average. The disadvantage of taking one single reading only is that you can never know if there is a bundle of power cables or the city’s pipeline running subterranean right beneath your feet when you read your Luo Pan, thus the risk of inaccuracy. A practitioner also mentioned that “we look for a clean compass reading, rather than magnetic distortion.” But still some practitioners think otherwise.

Method 4: Stand at center of main entrance and face outside. This is used by practitioners who take the door facing as the house facing. Some schools even go to the extent of placing the Luo Pan against the door for measurement.

In situations where measuring the facing proves to be difficult, we can take the reading of the sitting direction of the house instead.

Finally, the way the Luo Pan is held also is another factor of consideration. Most modern practitioners just hold it naturally but those from some traditional lineages insist that the Luo Pan must be touching the navel or Dan Tian (the acupuncture point two inches below the navel). The Dan Tian is regarded as the centre of the human body and is connected to the Heaven energy and the Earth energy. Thus, reading done this way will yield the most accurate reading. The Luo Pan is so sensitive that you can try holding it at different level of your body, standing at the same spot but the reading can deviate a lot.


Alvin Chua


Anonymous said...

Yup, different variations from different people, but what's your perspective on this?

Alvin Chua said...

For me, I take 3 readings along the facing side and use the average of them. I take my measurements on the ground floor and that's why sometimes clients find it strange why I never take any measurements when I'm in their flat.

Alvin Chua