Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To Play Tic-Tac-Toe Or Simply Eat The Pie?

Overlaying The Flying Stars Chart Over Your Floor Plan: Different Feng Shui Masters' Perspectives.

The method: The floor plan is equally divided into nine parts.
Use by:
1. Larry Sang (he uses the Pie Method also but only when locating personal directions and external features).
2. David Twicken

The method: The center point of the house is located; the eight compass directions are then overlaid.
Use by:
1. Joseph Yu
2. Vincent Koh
3. Raymond Lo
4. Dong Nong Zheng
5. Pak Hok Ming
6. Heluo (a.k.a. Roel Hill)

The method: The house is divided into nine parts but the walls of the house are taken into consideration. Thus each area will not be equal in size.
Reasons: Since Qi enters by doors and windows, and that it is blocked or guided by internal walls. It is a mistake to think that the theoretical lines of Qi are stronger boundaries than the physical walls already present.
Use by:
1. Eva Wong
2. Lillian Too
3. Joey Yap (he uses the Pie Method also but only when locating personal directions and external features).

One thing to note is that if the Sitting / Facing of the house is on a Tian Yuan Long (center Mountain within each trigrams, e.g. Qian Mountain); the sectors demarcated using one method will coincide with the other method more or less. However, if the Sitting / Facing falls on a Ren Yuan Long (e.g. Hai Mountain), the charts will be the same as the Tian Yuan Long chart and the sectors will most likely not coincide among the two methods. That means a bedroom maybe under the influence of a palace but another method will mean it is in another palace.

Regards Alvin Chua

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Anonymous said...

I have learnt from both group of masters. So have tried the pie and the block method. The last teacher of Tan's school taught me to actually utilize 2 combine and which I get sharper predictions and solution to some old unsolved mystery. "But it was sure difficulty to unlearn and relearn!!"

Just a note to help