Thursday, January 07, 2016

A Thai Astrology Case Study on Infidelity

When this chart was presented to me, I was being asked if the chart’s owner is an unfaithful man. The wife was depressed over it for many months but she never managed to find any evidence to confront him. However, it was extremely difficult to put it across to her since I see many signs of his infidelity, especially in 2015. Indeed, I feel pity for her as she is unwilling to leave him. First, the ruler of his 5th House (represent children as well as young love), the Moon (2), goes to his 7th house (represents marriage). The implication is that he loves sweet young thing as his choice of spouse, which is not good for long term marriage since his wife will grow old eventually and this will spurs him to look elsewhere. Secondly, the Moon is in trine with Saturn and Rahu, both of which are rulers of the malefic 12th house, bringing separation and loss to the marriage. Finally, the ruler of the 12th House (which also represents carnal pleasures), Uranus, goes to the 7th House (marriage), meaning he is dissatisfied always in his marriage. In 2015, his transiting Self (@) in Virgo conjuncts with Jupiter, which is coming from the 7th House (marriage) and in a weak position. This made his marriage to be rocky, attributing to his debauchery, represented by Rahu which is in the same position as well.

Alvin Chua

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