Thursday, October 29, 2015

A look at Taiwanese celebrity Sonia Sui’s Marriage using Thai Astrology 用泰国占星术看隋棠的婚姻

Why is her marriage interesting to analyse? It is because 3 famous masters (one from Hong Kong, two from Taiwan) have announced their predictions on her marriage few years ago but none of them were correct. This article will have the details about their predictions:
One of the Masters, Peter So, even claimed that she is destined not to have a husband (无夫命), which is a rather serious comment to make. From what I see of her bazi, her Day Branch is unfavorable and is clashed by the Month Branch, thus marital problems potential really there but not necessarily means no husband.
But ultimately, just like the 3 masters above, we are all making guesses since we do not know the hour of birth and thus the accuracy can be compromised.
Nevertheless, I have tried to work backwards using Thai Astrology from the date of her marriage and childbirth to try to estimate the possible birth hour of herself, in order to come up with a chart to analyze her marriage.

Her Marriage on 10 Jan 2015: Rahu is the ruler of the 7th House, the house of marriage (natal) and it is with @ (Self in transit). This is the first indication of marriage. The second indication is the Mercury, which is the ruler of @ and it is with Venus (represents love matters) in transit.
Her Birth of her son on 29 Aug 2015: The first indication is that Rahu (planet of change) is with @ (Self in transit) and in trine with 5th House (House of Children). The second indication is that Jupiter is the Ruler of the 5th House (natal) which is in Virgo and in conjunction with @.
Her father:  In this chart, Mars is located in the 4th House, the House of Family. For woman, this House also represent her father. Mars symbolises a fierce and strict soldier, very action-driven, and these coincides with her father’s strict discipline on Sonia and her sister. The father forbade them from wearing pants (only skirts) since young and caned them frequently to discipline them. He is fierce and conservative man who makes sure his children does not go astray.
Herself: Her Self is represented by Venus, which is with the Ascendant. It indicates the tendency for a well groomed and artistic person. She will love all form of art, is fashionable, charming and good looking person who tends not to like physical work (like to laze around when not working). These seems to fit her profile quite closely.
Hence, from the events above, I have deduced that Sonia is born between the hours of 0030-0250 on 22 Oct 1980.
So based on this timing, what is the conclusion drawn from the chart about her marriage?
The ruler of the House of Marriage is Rahu and it goes to the 12th House, which is House of Sudden Loss. This would mean that her first marriage will be very difficult and likely to end in divorce due to betrayal. These will bound to happen if she marry at a young age. The only way to reduce the likelihood of divorce is to get married at an older age (after age 30 for women) and fortunately this is what she did, marrying only at the age of 34. It will be even better if the husband is much older than her, which can help reduce the likelihood of disagreement. In conclusion, based on what we can see from her chart, this marriage will be blissful (on the condition that the birth hour deduced is accurate), unlike what Peter So said.

Alvin Chua

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