Friday, August 23, 2013

Some thoughts about Pixiu

Sometimes people ask me about Pixiu and whether it really helps usher wealth luck. I will then share with them what I know about a shop that specializes in Pixiu and then let them decide for themselves whether it works. This shop was in a shopping mall and sells nothing but Pixiu, all sizes (from handphone accessories up to sizes as big as a beagle) and made of various exquisite materials. The products are relatively high in prices and they also provide blessing service for the Pixiu purchased from them. As I used to live in that neighbourhood, I will walk pass the shop every other day whenever I am there to buy groceries. Hence, in a couple of months of observation, I noticed that the shop have absolutely no customers at all (I walked pass the shop at least 20 times or more). With a shop filled with Pixiu “sucking” in the wealth energy of the whole mall, what went wrong? Within a year, the shop closed down. If it doesn’t work for its seller, would it work for the buyer? When running a business, there are many more factors at play here than simply feng shui., let alone displaying a Pixiu. We have to be realistic about it and not think that a Pixiu or even feng shui is a panacea for all money problems.

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