Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Possible Fatal Feng Shui Sha

I was looking at this picture of a house and the crisscrossing of the power lines just immediate outside the house on the right seems to me a bad physical feng shui threat due to its close proximity. It’s the most prominent feature in the picture. In the year 2003, the annual flying star 3 arrived in the SW sector where this power lines were located. Those who are familiar with annual star 3 will know its meaning; especially with a physical feature to trigger it. To be more detailed, the power lines are in the Wei mountain , giving more clues to why the year 2003 is of significance.

This house was a site of a brutal murder of two Singaporeans in 2003.
Coincidence? Maybe.
I do not know the age of the house thus can’t analyze further with XKFX. 

Alvin Chua

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