Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Recently, I had the chance to take a look at the feng shui report from a friend who got his home audited by a famous master from Hong Kong quite a couple of years ago. It was very interesting as it gives me the opportunity to see the works of a master. This friend of mine actually paid a 4 figure sum for the consultation which is reasonable for a master of that caliber. However, his family after moving into the house did not feel that the feng shui is good at all as each of the family members suffers from some form of illness. But this isn’t so bad compared to what my friend told me later. He said one of his family members has actually seen apparition of 3 different persons in the house. He himself also felt them at times. Luckily, the occurrence did end eventually after a few years but I’m not going into the details here.

The central part of the house contains the 2-6 Flying Stars combo and those who read the old Flying Star text, Fei Xing Fu, wll know what it means:

Some fengshui masters prefer to take the scientific approach and thus they deliberately choose not to mention anything to do with spiritual entities.
Scary isn’t it? Three apparitions? Yikes!


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