Tuesday, April 12, 2011


申子辰见巳, 亥卯未见申, 寅午戌见亥, 巳酉丑见寅.

查法: 以年柱或日柱为主, 四柱地支见之者为是.


为忌神:性刚暴好妒, 奸猾狡诈, 常招凶灾。

The following bazi contains a Jie Sha in the month pillar.

The DM is a weak Ren Water thus the Jie Sha is a unfavorable element. When a Jie Sha happens to be an unfavorable element, the person is said to be deceptive, jealous, aggressive and stricken by frequent mishaps. Pls note that Jie Sha is not always bad if it is favorable. So what is this person actually like in real life?

He is always jealous of his colleagues who got promoted and complains to others about it.

He has serious mood swings and blatantly displays it in his actions and speech when he is angry.

He has no respect for his superior at work and resigns immediately when he was given a poor appraisal for it.

He likes to gamble and goes around borrowing money. For colleagues who refused to lend him any money, he is said to have tried to sabotage them in their work.

Debt collecting companies actually called up his workplace to ask him for payments which he defaulted.

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