Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ill-obsessed with Predestined fortune

While browsing through a forum on wedding, I stumbled upon a member who shared her story of a friend who got too obsessed with his good astrological birth chart and screwed up his life thereafter. I think this story can serve as a cautionary tale about relying excessively on our predestined fortune and forgetting about our hard work and effort in life. The member’s name is “dIver (decembermi)” and her post was dated Friday, January 11, 2008 - 11:59 am:

“Hub and I had a guy friend who likes to gambles, then he went to a fortune teller on day who told him he will have a sum of "heng cai" in 2 years time, very big amount of money. Not long after that, his heart is not in his job liao, believed the fortune teller's word and thought in this case no need to work hard, he gambles even more, buy big amount in 4D. Now, he's missing in action. He borrowed $ from multiple loan sharks, dun dare to go home. Steals his sister's money and go around asking for more money. Then, he asked me to take my IC go borrow 20K for him, say he need to pay interest and pay back the boss the money he steal. When I refused, he turned up at my mother in law's house knowing my MIL (mother in law) will be alone at home, wanting to borrow money. My MIL was so scared as he refused to leave or let her call me. Then he started to sob, and walk around the kitchen, looking the knife! I was fuming when my MIL managed to call me, at the same time worried, agreed to give him a few hundred. He took the money, and hours later my SIL (sister in law) called to say he's still waiting downstairs, to stalk her and borrow more money. The very night, i called and scolded him upside down. Then decided although friends for so many years, he's history liao. Heard from a common friend not long ago, he has got 7 loan sharks chasing for money and interest every day of the week. The whole groups of close friends all wish that he hadn’t visit and believed in the fortuneteller.”

Remember this:

"Life is a card game. God dealt you the cards (predetermined destiny and luck) but it’s up to you to play the game (education, karma and diligence)."

Alvin Chua

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Anonymous said...

2 Perspective to the case!!

1) The fortuneteller is right. Money did came to him, just that it is in different way. He chose to spend it in gamble. It doesn't mean he will not decide to gamble more even if he never met that fortuneteller. Excuses. People like this can never try to change until they are given a scar for life.

2) He should see a few more fortuneteller to confirm. Or he shold at least let the fortuneteller tell about his past accurately. Even if the fortuneteller is right on your early heaven you can still modify the later heaven luck.

In summary you can follow the good methaphysics path and make the best. And you can use your will power to modify the bad.
Have you make the best of your life??