Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Unveiling Some Fishy Business

I watched a show called “Unveil The Truth” on 8TV, a Malaysian channel last week. And there was a segment of which the topic of Feng Shui was mentioned. A famous Feng Shui master (though I never heard of the guy before) was invited to the show and he demonstrated a technique for viewers to try at home to bring prosperity throughout the year. This technique requires the homeowner to purchase 4 types of flowers, each belonging to one of the 4 seasons. The flowers are then placed in the four cardinal directions of the house representing the four seasons. This way, it is said that the house will enjoy prosperous energy throughout the 4 seasons. I am not sure about the validity of this technique but I do know that real plants are considered Wood energy and putting it in the wrong place can be harmful.

Also, the master advised viewers to put a fish in a small tank on top of the refrigerator. Since the fridge is where we keep the food and the Chinese word for fish is “yu” which sounds like the word for extra, surplus, he explained that this would bring endless surplus of food to the household. What utter nonsense! Get this man off the show before more people are misled to such wrong information. Call SPCA for his propagating of fish cruelty!

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year (since yesterday was Lap Chun or Li Chun, we are already in the New Year).

Alvin Chua

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