Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bazi Vs Feng Shui

Many masters now advocate the practice of Feng Shui alongside the use of Bazi. A local master even juxtapose his Xuan Kong Feixing analysis with Ziwei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology) and he did it well since he is an expert in both systems. Nevertheless, if you have not noticed, Bazi astrology are never mentioned in Feng Shui ancient texts. Does it tell you something about the necessity for the use of Bazi amid the practice of Feng Shui?

A client did not find any improvement after implementing a Master's Feng Shui recommendations and after anal...ysing his bazi, the Master attributes this to the client's bad luck period. Is this the case? What can we infer from this? i think it's very true indeed the client is suffering ill luck which resulted in him engaging the service of this incompetent Master. Do you see the irony? If Feng Shui really renders no help to you from the onslaught of Destiny and Luck, why bother?

Mr Eric Teoh of Central Academy of Feng Shui said this in his blog (, which I find is very true:

"Must a Feng Shui audit be done with Ba Zi charts? Can it be done without Ba Zi? If you’re going through bad luck, can the Feng Shui really help? If bad luck already, then no need Feng Shui lah? Or if the Feng Shui doesn’t work, then one will have an excuse to say, “Because you’re going through bad luck now, that’s why the Feng Shui didn’t work. It’s your bad luck lah.” Aiyoyo! So if you’re going through good luck, then you definitely don’t need Feng Shui lah. Feng Shui masters better resign then. Got any vacancy ah?"

Alvin Chua

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