Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Vedic Astrology: Case Study of Twin Brothers

The following are the charts of two male twins. Due to the close proximity of their birth time, they are born under the same Ascendant and have very similar chart. The charts have several indications that their health will be poor. The determinant for health is Venus which is considered old age and combusted by the Sun, making it very weak. At the same time, the Sun itself is afflicted by Venus since the latter is a functional malefic planet representing illnesses. Sun represents the general health, bones, heart and stomach, thus we know these can be affected at some point in life.

In the elder brother’s chart, we see that Mercury is badly afflicted by Rahu but being strong, Mercury is not susceptible to the negative impact although any untimely transit can spell mental turmoil. Mars is debilitated which reinforces the indication of poor health. Mars also represents younger siblings, thus we know his younger brother will have problems. Moon is weak, combust and closely afflicted by Venus. This can bring to him emotional issues regarding his younger brother since the Moon is the 3rd Lord (3rd House represents younger siblings as well).

Now we if look at the younger brother’s chart, we see the exact same thing, except there are two differences. The first difference is that the negative indications towards a younger sibling do not apply, since he HIMSELF is the youngest. The second difference is that, being born 5 minutes later, the Venus afflicted the 3rd and 9th House, making all 5 planets residing in these two houses to become extremely weak. Mercury which was originally able to withstand Rahu’s affliction, is now defeated and unable to fend for itself. Hence, Mercury being associated with the brain and mental capacities, would be issues arising in these areas. The 3rd house represents initiatives while the 9th House represents fortune in life, therefore, the younger brother will be lacking in these areas as well.

The elder brother is Ashton Kutcher, who has a twin younger brother by the name of Michael Kutcher. At birth, Ashton weighed close to 11 lbs, while Michael weighed just 4 lbs. Michael was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child and had a heart transplant at age 13. He suffers from walking and speech impairment as well as 80 percent deaf in his left ear (represented by the 12th House, its ruler Mars which is debilitated).

You can read about them here:

Note: If the birth details of the younger brother is presented to a Bazi practitioner and the latter is not told of the existence of a twin brother, the practitioner could possibly misinterpreted the chart totally because the Bazi will be exactly the same, due to the small time difference of only 5 minutes.

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