Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Importance of Auspicious Timing (based on Vedic Astrology)

In Vedic astrology, the selection of an auspicious timing to start an event is known as Muhurta or electional astrology. Be it a wedding, the signing of a business deal, the opening of a shop or even the birth of a child, can all benefit from Muhurta. What makes Vedic astrology so powerful in this aspect is that from the auspicious timing alone and NOT the natal chart, we can already know the future development of the event. And due to the level of accuracy, we actually have to work the correct timing right down to the minutes within an hour.
A recent example of an inauspicious timing for marriage is that of Selina Jen (任家萱), a member of the Taiwanese girl group S.H.E. Her marriage lasted for 4 years and the divorce was finalized on 27 April 2016. Like most couples, she conveniently chose her birthday on 31 Oct 2011 as their wedding date, disregarding the auspiciousness of the date and time. The wedding event had full media coverage as it was a star-studded event with many well known Taiwanese celebrities on the guest list. It was estimated that there were approximately 1,000 guests (88 tables) and it is one of the biggest Taiwan celebrity weddings. Taiwan’s ex-President Ma Ying-jeou 马英九 was actually there as the witness of their marriage. Unfortunately, even his presence could not save the marriage’s downward spiral there upon. Let’s take a look at the chart of her wedding day and time.
The determinant of the marriage in this chart is the Sun, which is badly placed in the 6th House representing arguments, disputes and ill health. The Sun is also closely afflicted by the functional malefic, Jupiter, sitting across with 3 degrees of influence. Not only that, Jupiter also afflicts five houses away directly the most effective point of the 4th House (representing marriage). On a TV show earlier before their divorce was announced, Selina actually complained about the differences they had and how she felt like a servant at times. Her injuries and emotional turmoil (she was badly burnt in a filming accident) probably took a toll on their relationship as well.
 The 12th House (represents bedroom activities) is not left alone either since malefic Jupiter resides there and brings the absence of bedroom pleasures. Apparently, they slept in separate rooms as Selina had to wear pressure garments to promote healing of her skin.
Another thing we can see from the chart is that the timing does not give affinity with children. Mercury here is the determinant of offspring and it is well-placed in the 7th House but it is very weak in infancy and closely afflicted by another functional malefic, Venus. The scars on most part of her torso probably would not allow her to be pregnant and this is likely to be another reason that leads to the separation eventually.
To compound the problem more, the significator of the husband is Jupiter, which is badly placed in the 12th House (represents foreign lands, imprisonment, hospitalization), meaning the husband needs to travel overseas often. He may even have felt being imprisoned in the relationship.
She was going through Rahu sub-period during the finalization of the divorce, which did not help her at all.
From the Vedic astrological analysis of the date and timing of the wedding day, there is simply no way the marriage can last.

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