Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Donating Coffin 施棺

One of the good ways to make merits is to donate coffins to the poor who could not afford a proper funeral service for their departed loved ones. Recently, I read online that it is well-known among the Hong Kongers that their late entertainment mogul, Sir Run Run Shaw, actually donated many coffins during his lifetime and his wealth and long life was attributed to this meritorious act.
Donating coffins is widely practised by the Thais and many Singaporeans have been traveling over there to give their donation via the Thai temples. However, not all of us are able to make the trip just to make the donation. At the same time, not many people is aware that such coffin donation can be done locally. That is why I am sharing this here that the Singapore Buddhist Lodge (居士林) at River Valley actually does take in such coffin donation. Any amount is welcome, which is then consolidated under a fund to help pay for coffin of the deceased who comes from poor and needy families.
Personally, I will try do this few times each year and dedicate the merits to my family as well as the people whom have seek my metaphysics service before.
Do go to their reception counter at level 2 if you wish to donate coffin.
By the way, I have been going to this temple since I was a boy and really looked forward to each trip as there are abundance of free Buddhist books available. In fact, I have found a couple of great books there over the years, some maybe out of print already.

In Taiwan, the practise of donating coffin has been around for many years but much unheard of by Singaporeans as it is further away from us than Thailand. Anyway, the point is that many of the Taiwanese people have claimed that the merits of donating coffins when a family members undergoes major life-threatening surgery is seemingly very effective in ensuring the operation to be successful.

Here is an article of a Thai business woman who has been donating coffins for the past 15 years:

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