Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I just watched a Hong Kong show (made in 2013) investigating about Yin Yang Eyes, meaning someone who has the ability to see dead people. A man and a lady were invited to the show as special guests as both of them claims to have Yin yang eyes. They were then brought around various parts of Hong Kong to observe the Lunar 7th Month Ghost Festival celebration and here is what they actually “see”:
It was believed that the Chinese opera shows are normally meant for ghosts in such a month but in reality, both of them did not see any ghost audience watching the opera. Apparently, the ghosts are not interested to watch such performance. Instead, at another area of the celebration venue, there was a mini shrine being setup and Buddhist scriptures were being chanted and it was here that most of the ghosts have gathered. They wanted to listen to the Buddhist prayers and even kneeled down in a row facing the Buddha statue.
At such a celebration, one will find a paper effigy known as the Ghost King, who with his fierce looking presence, is supposed to control the ghosts in the vicinity to prevent them from disturbing the people who came to pray. However, both the clairvoyants were unable to see such an entity, thus most likely a mere folklore.
They also observed that that when people light candles and incense sticks along the streets to commence their prayers and offerings to wandering spirits, the spirits nearby will start to gather close by. However, they will just stand close enough to “enjoy” the smoke from the burning incense and joss papers. (This is similar to what Taiwanese clairvoyant, Sofia, observes as well, see my other post). The spirits will not attempt to take the joss “money” as commonly thought. The TV crew then asked the male clairvoyant, since they like the smell of smoke, are ghosts attracted to smokers? Apparently yes, as he have witnessed several times of spirits approaching people who are smoking.
There was a belief that claims that spirits like to lick the roasted meat that are hung up and displayed at all the stalls that sell such specialty. The male clairvoyant said that it is true that spirits are attracted to roasted meat, but they do not “lick” the meat. Instead, they will bend forward and sniff the meat. Most of the time, they will sniff on meat that have been taken outside of the restaurant / stall, since some owners like to hang their products outside to attract customers. It is seldom that spirits are bold enough to enter a shop to do so. Among all roasted meat, pork is the spirits most preferred choice (I believe they are attracted by the slight burnt smell of anything roasted, just like burning incense. Also, in Pranic Healing, pork are said to have the dirtiest energy and best avoided. Now we know why).
To test this fact, the TV crew bought a pack of roasted pork meat and brought it to a park. They leave it openly and waited, true enough, in a short while, the clairvoyant saw a small male spirit (looked like in his twenties) started to come near the meat. Spotting the TV crew, he moved away but a few seconds later seeing that it is safe, he went back to sniff the packet of roasted pork.
Both of the clairvoyants agreed that they do observed more spirits active during the Ghost month but that does not mean that there are no spirits around at other times. They said that spirits are usually looking like normal people on the streets, just that they appear translucent and has a whitish or grayish hue. The stronger ones will appear greenish while the vicious ones will appear purplish or even red. The spirits are usually expressionless on their face. Those who have died many years ago would be dressed in clothing of their particular era.
In an earlier episode, both of the clairvoyants were brought to an eye specialist and were found not to have any abnormalities in their eyes. Hence, we know that such ability does not originate from the eyes itself.
After that, both of them were being brought to visit a psychiatrist and after some assessment, both were verified as perfectly normal individuals not suffering from any mental illnesses.

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