Thursday, May 15, 2014

Palmistry Class with Master Chuan

Although I have picked up palmistry from one of my earlier teachers, my knowledge has not developed much as I hardly do readings for people. Opportunity to expand this field of knowledge only came when I know about Master Chuan from his website almost 2 years ago. Then last year I saw that he conducts palmistry classes under the Institute of Fengshui Bazi. Since it is conducted only once annually, I waited patiently for the day to come.

Master Chuan has had 20 years of palm reading experience, starting way back to his university days. Hence, if you are interested to learn palmistry, there’s no better option than to learn from him in this 1 full day workshop. It is important to note that there are probably less than a handful of palm reading experts in Singapore and even fewer actually teaches their knowledge. So this workshop is really rare. The main advantage of attending a class is that you will get the chance to see and feel the hands of all your classmates. This is an experience that books and videos can never give you.

Another advantage of the class is that any of your questions can straight away be answered by the expert. You save yourself from going through all the resources to find an answer.


Alvin Chua

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