Monday, April 28, 2014

Book Review: Is Your Marriage Predestined? Written by Master Goh Guan Leong

Haven’t been writing book reviews for a long time but this one is definitely worth a mention. This is one of the best English books on Bazi out there. It is written in a simple to understand style and comes with many diagrams for a very clear explanation of the concepts. Of course, the readers must have a decent understanding of basic bazi as a prerequisite. Once you have this, reading and understanding the concepts in this book becomes a breeze. My favorite part about the book is the countless exercises which are provided with answers. Readers get to test out their knowledge as they go along. The summary of the concepts and the steps of analysis serve well as great cheat sheets. I can assure you that your ability to analyze marriage luck from a bazi will increase tremendously after reading this piece of work. The methods of analyzing a bazi are normally found scattered over many books but Master Goh has done a great job of consolidating them into one text. Despite being a bazi enthusiast who has read widely, I still gained some new knowledge after reading this book. It is highly recommended.
Alvin Chua

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