Friday, December 30, 2011

The Hour Pillar in your Bazi Could be Wrong

Hi all,

Do you know that the Hour Pillar in your Bazi could be wrong if you are born in Singapore?
Singapore have adjusted the national time a couple of times since 1950s, hence, the accuracy of your birth hour could be undermined since being born in each different decade in Singapore's history would mean a wrong hour instead of what is indicated in your birth certificate.

The following article will shed some light on this:

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Alvin Chua


Anonymous said...

So is the people that is born before the time changed is having the correct birth hour or the people born after 1980s?

For people born after between the 70s and 80s are only affected if you are born in the start or end of the particular 時晨?

Alvin Chua Kim Leng said...

Hi, these are the details:

1941 – 1980 – adjusted 30 mins ahead of actual Singapore time.
Example: Birth certificate indicates 5am thus is Mao hour (5am – 7am) but actually is 4.30am which is Yin hour.

1981 onwards – adjusted 1 hour ahead.
Example: Birth certificate indicates 5.30am thus is Mao hour (5am – 7am) but actually still is 4.30am which is Yin hour.

While most charts will not have the elements’ strength in topsy-turvy just because of the birth time, there is still some charts that will be affected because of combinations that transform with the hour pillar.

Alvin Chua

Anonymous said...

Oh my... that is bad...

The hour pillar shows our relationship with our kids and our health after 60.

The hour earth branch also has effect on our 夫妻宫。

Imagine having wrong interpretion on it all these years...