Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friendly Neighbors or Good Feng Shui?

Think about this, having good Feng Shui is one thing but having good neighbors is hard to come by. And no, I am not referring to just your neighbor living opposite. Those living above, below or next to your (apartment) unit will also count.

If you ask me, I would say that having good neighbors weigh more than having good Feng Shui. Why?

It is because a nasty neighbor can turn your new home into a living hell. Think Joo Chiat…

Feng shui can remedy the bad vibes in your house but it’s not going have much effect on what is going on externally. Imagine your neighbor’s dog pooing on your doorstep as his daily modus operandi or loud banging by the one living above you every day after midnight. You may call the cops but there is only little of what they can do to resolve the problems. Think Joo Chiat again…

So next time you go house hunting, don’t forget to see who your neighbors are.

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Annie Pecheva said...

Totally agree. ;-)