Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hanging of the Red Sash at Your Entrance (红彩) for Chinese New Year

Since the Chinese New Year is approaching, many of you will be decorating your home with all the auspicious symbols and calligraphic pictures. Some of you may even be hanging the Hong Cai 红彩 (red sash) over the main entrance to usher in the New Year.

But before you do that, check that your main entrance is not located in the North or East Sector of the whole unit. If it does, then you should avoid hanging the red sash or else you may end up activating the Illness energy 二黑病星 (North in Year 2011) or Calamity energy 五黄凶星 (East in Year 2011).

So check your compass before you do so.

Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Gong Xi...

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